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Pilea Dark Mystery House plant

Pilea Dark Mystery House plant

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Pilea ‘Dark Mystery’ Is an unnamed species from Ecuador. This species is thought to be Pilea hitchcockii.The deep green (almost black) leaves are long and narrow with a center stripe of metallic silver running the full length. The new growth glows a warm rose color. I find it reminds me of a serpents belly. A great plant for a window or in a terrarium.

Pilea plants have medium to high water needs. Water whenever the first inch of soil dries out. You might notice the leaves drooping, which can signal the plant’s need for more water. In hot weather, you'll likely have to water more often.

Most pilea species like bright, indirect light. Do not expose them to direct summer sun, as this can burn the leaves. Indoors, a bright windowsill is a suitable spot. Make sure to rotate the pot at least a couple times a week, as the plant will stretch toward the sun and begin to grow lopsided if you don’t. Pilea can tolerate low light, but its foliage will turn a darker green and it will become leggy.

Please do adequate research on the plant you are purchasing regarding climate, zones, watering, care and environment for optimal success before purchasing. This is a Starter Plant.

All sales final! Seller is not held responsible for any mishandling, cold or heat effects on plant, nor time of delay, or even loss of packages, nor how it affects the life of this thriving plant once it leaves Seller's hands.

No returns, replacements, nor refunds. If you agree to this, go ahead and make the purchase.

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