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Hoya Vanilla Australis Wax Plant

Hoya Vanilla Australis Wax Plant

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  • Given enough light, Wax Plant will produce parachute clusters of star-shaped, white to pink flowers with five-point centers. Those flowers are so intricately detailed, uniformly shaped and shiny, they're sometimes called Porcelain Flower. You can expect Hoyas to bloom in the spring, summer or fall, depending on the variety.
  • Repot in early spring every 2-3 years or when it outgrows its pot. Wax Plant blooms best when almost pot-bound, so move it to a slightly larger pot (about 2 inches (5 cm) larger than the old one). Never repot a plant when it's in bloom because it may drop its flower buds.
  • Water thoroughly spring through fall, allowing potting mix to dry out a bit between waterings. Flowering Hoya plants are thirsty, but don't like to sit in soggy soil. Be sure to use a pot with drainage holes and empty the drainage tray. Use room-temperature water for your tropical plants. Cold water can shock them. In winter, water sparingly giving the plant just enough to keep the soil from drying out completely.


Hoyas can tolerate temperatures ranging between 15°C-29°C.

Height: Trailing stems can grow to 10 ft


Hoya australis, commonly known as the waxvine or common waxflower, is one of the species in the genus Hoya. It is a vine found on rainforest margins and rocky areas, and occurs in eastern and northern Australia, from Western Australia, through the Northern Territory and coastal Queensland from Cape York to northern New South Wales. It is a popular garden plant, noted for its fragrant flowers. This particular clone of Hoya australis is especially free flowering, producing generous clusters of red centered waxy white flowers with a delightful vanilla-chocolate fragrance. Bright green leaves. Native to Queensland, Australia.

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