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Heliconia Rostrata Lobster Claw Rhizome Tropical

Heliconia Rostrata Lobster Claw Rhizome Tropical

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Lobster claw plant (Heliconia rostrata) is no exception, with large, brightly hued bracts that cluster up a stem. Heliconia lobster claw is also called parrot flower and has inconsequential tiny flowers covered by the showy bracts. It is native to Central to South America and is hardy in the United States in USDA plant growing zones 10 to 13.

Hanging Lobster Claw (Heliconia rostrata)
Highly sought after for its unusual and colorful inflorescences, Hanging Lobster Claw has pendulous blooms of striking red and yellow bracts that often reach 3’ in length. When grown in a pot, it starts blooming once the plant reaches 4-5’ tall and the amazing inflorescences will appear one after another creating a spectacular show for the gardener to enjoy.
The inconspicuous, yellow flowers emerge from claw-shaped bracts on magnificent, up to 3 feet (0.9 m) long, pendent, zigzagged inflorescences. The leaves are simple, alternate, long-petioled, and have green, lanceolate leaf blades that are easily shredded by the wind. The pseudostems (formed by the leaf sheaths) emerge from underground rhizomes.


Grow in full to partial sun and rich soil with lots of water and fertilizer.

plants that may grow up to 15 feet (4.6 m.) tall in nature but likely only to 3 to 6 feet (.9-1.8 m.) in a home landscape. They are not at all frost hardy, and therefore not suited for growing outdoors where cold temperatures are common.


Heliconia Rostrata Rhizome Live Lobster Claw. You will be getting a rhizome with young shoot coming up in damp towels. Will be ready to plant in a large pot or in ground directly. Note Heliconia give a shoot and eventually flower. Once flower dies so will stalk and a new one will come up from rhizome. Loves water.

Lobster claw plant thrives in either partial shade or full sun locations. The soil must be well draining, but fertile and moist. Potted plants will do well in a mixture of equal parts soil, fine wood mulch and peat moss. Slightly acidic soil is best.

Please do adequate research on the plant you are purchasing regarding climate, zones, watering, care and environment for optimal success before purchasing.

You will be receiving wrapped in damp paper towel and newspaper a rhizome with possibly a young shoot or cut off old stalk. Once you plant the rhizome new shoots will grow out of it. The rhizome is the heart of the plant. 

All sales final! Seller is not held responsible for any mishandling, cold or heat effects on plant, nor time of delay, or even loss of packages, nor how it affects the life of this thriving plant once it leaves Seller's hands.

No returns, replacements, nor refunds. If you agree to this, go ahead and make the purchase.

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