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Calathea ‘ White Fusion ‘

Calathea ‘ White Fusion ‘

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This plant is absolutely gorgeous and the latest trend to have as a houseplant. She comes wrapped and secured in a box with soil and a pot.

Taiyan Yam discovered the Calathea ‘White Fusion’ cultivar by chance in a commercial nursery in May 2007 and patented in 2015, so it hasn’t been around for long.

(Its inventor actually termed it Calathea ‘Fusion White,’ but that . . . didn’t quite catch on.)

Its original roots go way back to Central Mexico and tropical South America, where the plant it mutated from, another unnamed variety of Calathea lietzei, thrives in the humid, low-light rainforest understory.

Calathea ‘White Fusion’ is from the Marantaceae family, like the prayer plant, Calathea makoyana. In fact, people often call them both peacock plant or prayer plant, and it’s not hard to see why.

‘White Fusion’ is a showstopper boasting wavy green and white marbled leaves with purple undersides. Its leaves “close” or fold up at night like maranta plants (prayer plants) do. This is a nyctinastic trait that helps Calathea ‘White Fusion’ get the most sun during the day and conserve water at night.

Please do adequate research on the plant you are purchasing regarding climate, zones, watering, care and environment for optimal success before purchasing.

All plants are individually wrapped when ready to be shipped via USPS priority mail. She should arrive within 5-7 depends how far she is from South Florida.

Make sure you give her lots of water and allow her to acclimate to her new surroundings well. She may show some wilting due to transportation and/or weather conditions so please water and keep in partial shade for a week or so. Eventually you may put her in a nicer bigger pot but make sure you don’t damage her roots.

.Please do research on plant type and care and when she can be put in ground and what height etc she needs to be and also if you bought a tropical plant many won’t survive cold winters if you don’t live in a tropical region. When you get her please do not leave in hot sun especially since she dries up quickly. Also don’t leave in cold as her leaves will be affected. Partial sun is best.

USPS does not input tracking number quickly and usually does not show up till it reaches your distribution facility. Don’t panic if you don’t see it tracking … I recommend you go in and add your cel number so it can notify you once it’s hits your Distribution center though. When removing plant from box please use scissors or a sharp knife but don’t yank off tape as you may damage leaves or plant. 

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Thanks, Shelley

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