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Alocasia Jacklyn Jackie Elephant Ear Plant

Alocasia Jacklyn Jackie Elephant Ear Plant

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Alocasia Tandurusa or also known as Alocasia Jacklyn is a native plant of Indonesia. It has a characteristic form of leaf shape that resembles deer antlers. The leaves are green with dark green gradations, there are black fibers on the leaf surface. When you touch the leaves, you will feel fine hairs on the surface of the leaves.

Like other types of alocasia, Alocasia Jacklyn (Tandurusa) also has a main bulb that will produce long stems and leaves. One bulb of this plant will only release a limited number of leaves.

When the weevil has released the maximum number of leaves, then one stem will then fall and the leaves will turn yellow. Then new leaves will grow out to replace the fallen leaves.

How to Care for Alocasia Jacklyn (Tandurusa)

  • Use planting media with a mixture of shaft media so that plant roots can breathe optimally in the pot. Care must be taken that the weevil must be above the surface of the planting medium.
  • Place the Alocasia Jacklyn (Tandurusa) plant indoors or in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Because their natural habitat comes from tropical forests, so these plants like humid places.
  • Do not water the plant too often because Alocasia Jacklyn (Tandurusa) can not tolerate too much water. Enough in humid conditions. Can do watering two or three days.

  • Please do adequate research on the plant you are purchasing regarding climate, zones, watering, care and environment for optimal success before purchasing. This is a Starter Plant.

    All sales final! Seller is not held responsible for any mishandling, cold or heat effects on plant, nor time of delay, or even loss of packages, nor how it affects the life of this thriving plant once it leaves Seller's hands.

    No returns, replacements, nor refunds. If you agree to this, go ahead and make the purchase.

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